Quickly Extend Your Security & Privacy Program to Meet New Market Demands

Expand confidently into new regions or verticals, knowing you can meet their security & privacy requirements

Aly Mawji, CFO, Talkatoo

"We started selling into larger companies, and these larger enterprise customers said, 'Okay, it’s great that you’re HIPAA-certified, but we also would like you to be SOC 2 compliant.' With Carbide, we were able to capitalize on the work we had already done with HIPAA, fill in any missing information on the platform, and keep the information up to date."

Aly Mawji, CFO, Talkatoo
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Your Security Passport to New Markets

Fast-growing companies are always looking for their next market. With Carbide behind your security program, you can evaluate opportunities with the confidence that you’ll be ready for new security or privacy expectations.

Tackle the Healthcare Market, expand to Europe, or pursue enterprise customers knowing that Carbide can quickly match your existing program efforts against the new demands.

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Our extended support option includes annual workshops, risk assessments, and reports to keep you on the top of your game.

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