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Yasin Rahim, BrainCert

“We have compared over 10 different SOC2 platforms and nothing comes close to what the Carbide platform has to offer. Carbide helped us to complete our SOC2 and ISO 27001 audit and certification in record time.”

Yasin Rahim, BrainCert
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Carbide enables you to achieve (and prove) a security and privacy posture that meets everyone’s high standards—from prospects and customers to auditors, government regulators, and board members. Through Carbide’s Organizational Controls, you can be sure that your work today will be relevant to future compliance needs—without paying a premium for every industry framework or regulation you decide to adopt.

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“Carbide showed us where we had gaps...and showed the auditors that we have a strong information security program that is in compliance with the control requirements of the framework.”

Ivan Dichev, Information Security Manager - Gtmhub
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