Beginner’s Guide to Information Security

Everything you need to know about keeping your business secure.

Prepare for Your Information Security Program

Start a Basic Risk Assessment
A risk assessment is one of the first steps in implementing your information security program, which will help provide an overview of your entire business.
Choose Your Information Security Team

Building a security team within a company can be a time consuming process. These are some of the roles and branches you’ll want on your Security Team.


Building Your Information Security Program

How to Start an Information Security Program

It is a major mistake to run a business without any kind of cybersecurity program. But if where you are now, here’s what you can do about it.


How to Secure Your Business for Free
Securing your business doesn’t mean spending crazy money. You can use many free security tools in your information security program.
A Cheatsheet for Information Security Policies
Cybersecurity policies are key for all technology businesses now. This is a free security policy template to start creating your own information security policies.
Securing a Shared Workspace
Sharing a network with other companies? Don’t assume it is up to your security standards. Here are the best practices for network security in shared spaces.
How to Complete Security Questionnaires [for Vendors]
We’ve helped many companies answer vendor security questionnaires. Get everything you need to know about information security questionnaires here.
How to Setup an Incident Response Plan
What classifies as an information security incident and what should your incident response plan look like? Get our tips for improving your data compliance strategy.
4 Tips for Implementing Physical Security
The top four best practices for implementing physical security in your business. The physical security of where your data is stored should always be at the forefront of any security plan.
How to Get Your Staff Care About Information Security
Motivating a team of people to care about cyber security can be an uphill battle, but these tips can make it easier.

Resources for Your Employees

Email Security Best Practices
Your email accounts are where you are most vulnerable to being a victim of a cybercrime. Yet email security is often forgotten.
Printer Security Best Practices
Office printers can be the source of a data breach. So how can you secure the device and data? Here are our tips for improving your printer security.
7 Steps to Protect Your Personal Identifiable Information
Personally Identifiable Information is any information used to distinguish or trace to an individual’s identity. Here’s seven steps to help you protect PII.
How to Protect Yourself When You Travel
Security is always a top priority when you’re working remotely and traveling. Get our travel security tips for protecting your company and data.
Staying Secure on Social Media
Social media is a huge factor when it comes to marketing. Yet we all know there are security risks. Here’s how you can operate securely on social media.
Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Intellectual property is so valuable to your business. You don’t want hackers and competitors taking it away. Get our tips for protecting your intellectual property.
How to Use a Password Manager
A password manager can easily become one of your most reliable tools. Learn about why and how you can start using a password manager today.
How to be Secure While Working Remotely
Working remotely can be a great benefit for both the employee and the employer. But working securely is vital to any remote working situation.
4 Types of Passwords You Should Never Use
Passwords are meant to be strong and complex. Avoid these simple password faux pas and protect your data with the strongest passwords possible.

Breach Recovery

How to Recover from a Breach
Data breaches have been making headlines more frequently. These tips should help business owners prepare for, and fight breaches.
How to Regain Trust After a Data Breach
In recent months the public has been losing trust in big tech companies faster than ever before. What can these companies do to bridge the trust gap?
4 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware attacks are frightening to hear about. Simple, preventative actions by you and your employees can help protect your company data from ransomware.