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Security Matters.

At Carbide, we’re making it easier to embed security and privacy into the DNA of every organization — including yours.

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Our Founders
Our Founders
Who We Are

Our Founders

Million-dollar deals can vanish pretty fast. That’s the lesson our co-founders Darren Gallop and Laird Wilton learned at their last company.

While security had always been a factor in how they ran the business and built their product, they were in no way prepared for the scrutiny they received in the due diligence phase of their first million-dollar deal.

That experience – and the subsequent work they put in to build a best-in-class security program – prompted them to imagine a new company dedicated to making enterprise-class security and privacy accessible to any company, no matter their size or resources.

Following the successful acquisition of their new secure venture, they turned that concept into a reality, and Carbide was born.

Our Leadership Team

Carbide is built by people that have experienced the challenges of implementing information security best practices and understand what it takes to meet the ever-increasing demands of customer and regulatory-driven security requirements.

But we’re also technology veterans, led by a CEO with numerous successful ventures under his belt. So we also understand how difficult it can be to prioritize security. Our goal is to make security and privacy easier to implement without compromises.


Our Investors

Our investors know what it takes to make a company successful. It’s one of the reasons they’ve embraced our vision.

With the support of these investors from both Canada and the United States, we’re building a security and privacy management platform that will make enterprise-class security accessible to organizations of all sizes.