Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS) v1.2

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Simplify the management workflow and conform to Canada's baseline cyber security controls for small and medium organizations

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Everything you need for CCCS v1.2 compliance

  • CCCS v1.2 Plan

    CCCS v1.2 Plan

    Step-by-step implementation plan outlines how to align with both CCCS v1.2 control groups

  • Customized Policies

    Customized Policies

    Our automated policy builder ensures your policies meet CCCS v1.2 requirements

  • Policy Management

    Policy Management

    Reduce admin time with automated employee reminders and tracking

  • Security Awareness Training

    Security Awareness Training

    In-platform Carbide Academy videos on security and privacy best practices with a template library for common requirements

  • Cloud Monitoring

    Cloud Monitoring

    Easily collect data with automated security monitoring, security assessments, and remediation tools to make actionable insights on your cloud environment

  • Multi-Compliance by Design

    Multi-Compliance by Design

    Comply with multiple frameworks & regulations with our unified platform

  • Evidence Collection

    Evidence Collection

    100+ technical integrations connecting to your tech stack to automatically capture your compliance with CCCS v1.2

  • Audit Support

    Audit Support

    Save time by giving auditors a read-only view of your CCCS v1.2 reporting dashboard

  • Robust Ecosystem

    Robust Ecosystem

    Carbide’s security & privacy services and and network of audit partners help you meet requirements faster


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCCS v1.2?

Canadian Centre for CyberSecurity (CCCS) v1.2 framework is a framework that consists of controls aimed to guide small and medium organizations on how to improve and maximize the effectiveness of their cybersecurity investments in Canada. These controls are categorized into organizational and baseline controls.

What is the aim of CCCS v1.2?

Protect: Safeguard Canada with advanced cyber security capabilities.

Inform: Provide trusted and authoritative cyber security advice and guidance for Canada

Empower: Strengthen Canada’s cyber security capacity through collaboration, innovation, and partnerships.

Who does CCCS v1.2 apply to?

CCCS v1.2 applies to Canadian small businesses and organizations seeking to improve their cyber security posture