Continuous Cloud Monitoring

Design, operate, and optimize a more secure cloud environment

Your cloud environment isn't secure just because it's in AWS or Azure. Get guidance on how to implement a well-architected, high-performance, and secure cloud environment—and the tools to keep it that way

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Here's just some of what you can do with Carbide Cloud Monitoring

  • Collect evidence easily

    Collect evidence easily

    Get the evidence you need from both AWS and Azure to meet compliance requirements

  • Remediate issues fast

    Remediate issues fast

    Pre-built templates and scripts make it easy to address gaps and implement best practices

  • Monitor compliance status

    Monitor compliance status

    Track compliance status for more than a dozen frameworks & regulations across all your cloud environments

  • Automate AWS Well-Architected reviews

    Automate AWS Well-Architected reviews

    Identify ways to improve performance or reduce costs with proven AWS Well-Architected recommendations

  • Monitor threat readiness

    Monitor threat readiness

    Use Carbide’s threat management dashboard to track progress against 400+ security best practices

Design & Review

Architect (or adjust) your cloud environment with security in mind

Like the rest of the Carbide Platform, Carbide Cloud Monitoring uses our DRIVE (Design, Review, Implement, Validate, and Evolve) methodology to support you throughout your security journey.

In the Design & Review stage, Carbide Cloud Monitoring provides tools to design and optimize your cloud environment, including architectural recommendations for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and security recommendations for both AWS & Microsoft Azure.


AWS Well-Architected Reviews*
Cloud Security Gap Analysis
AWS Well-Architected Reviews*

Quickly generate an assessment of your environment against the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. 

With 90% coverage for the Security Pillar (and partial coverage for other pillars), Carbide Cloud Monitoring offers security recommendations and highlights opportunities to improve performance or reduce costs through more efficient architecture. 

*Only available for AWS (obviously)

AWS Well-Architected Reviews*
Cloud Security Gap Analysis

Using both automated and on-demand assessments, you can quickly assess your cloud security posture, even across multiple cloud environments (within and across AWS and Azure) and gain an understanding of your security maturity level across six critical areas: 

  • Logging & Monitoring
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Data Protection & Encryption
  • Backup & Resiliency
  • Cost and Usage

This analysis takes into account more than 400 security checks and best practices with details into each error, and remediation recommendations for AWS environments.

Cloud Security Gap Analysis

Build a more secure cloud environment

In the Implementation stage, our AWS-specific features help Amazon Web Services customers build, improve, and secure their cloud environment

Pre-built Configuration Packages & Guided Walkthroughs
Remediation Templates & Recommendations
Threat Management Dashboard
Pre-built Configuration Packages & Guided Walkthroughs

Save hours with pre-built configuration packages and guided walkthroughs of common deployments of AWS settings and services such as enabling security and logging services, backups & disaster recovery, networking services, compliance monitoring, and more. 

Notable packages include: 

  • Deploy common Service Control Policies (SCPs) to protect security and logging services
  • Deploy an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  • Set up scheduled EC2 Instance patching
  • Monitoring PCI DSS compliance
  • Set up Identity and Access Management events
    and compliance rules
  • …and many more!
Pre-built Configuration Packages & Guided Walkthroughs
Remediation Templates & Recommendations

Through your Well-Architecture Review and Automated Assessments, you’ll get clear, actionable guidance on how to address gaps, including CLI and/or CloudFormation templates that are generated specifically for your environment.

Remediation Templates & Recommendations
Threat Management Dashboard

Keep on top of emerging threats, newly identified vulnerabilities, patch management, endpoint and data protection, and access configurations, even as your environment changes over time. 

Carbide Cloud Monitoring’s threat management dashboard ensures you sustain your security posture by making it simple to maintain vigilance over your cloud environments.

Threat Management Dashboard

Set customer and auditor concerns to rest

Once you’ve acted on the recommendations identified on your dashboard and in your reports, it’s time for the Validation stage. All your work leading up to this has been captured and will be reflected in easy-to-read reports, making it simple to prove your security posture to an auditor or assessor. 

Compliance Reports
Compliance Reports

Capture your security posture across all your AWS and Azure cloud environments (e.g. development, testing, production) with both templated and customized reports.

You’ll understand your posture against controls such as PCI DSS, SOC 2, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, GDPR, and more (with even more being added to the tool all the time), with enough detail to satisfy any auditor. 

Compliance Reports

Keep a vigilant eye on your cloud environment

Security and privacy require constant vigilance to sustain as your environment adjusts to changing business conditions and an evolving threat landscape. Here’s how Carbide Cloud Monitoring can help keep you on top of your security game.

Continuous Dashboard and Automated Assessments
Continuous Dashboard and Automated Assessments

Keep security front and center with a clear dashboard across all your AWS and Azure environments, as well as  automated, weekly assessments delivered directly into your inbox. You’ll be able to quickly review the latest at-risk resources so you can take action quickly.

Continuous Dashboard and Automated Assessments
Carbide Cloud Monitoring comes with every plan

There’s nothing more foundational than your application and the cloud environment(s) it sits in.

That’s why Carbide does more than just check your security controls—we also give you the guidance and tools you need to design, operate, and optimize a secure cloud environment. Find out how else Carbide supports your security and privacy objectives.

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