Carbide Subscription Plans

Whether you’re a new startup or have a dedicated in-house security team, Carbide's plans help you build, achieve, and maintain a robust security and privacy program.

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Check the box on security, not just compliance

If compliance is your immediate goal, we can dramatically accelerate your time to get there. But your long-term goal is likely to build a security and privacy program that can weather whatever changes in framework, regulation, or best practice come your way.

Carbide’s ability to help you do just that is what sets us apart from “check-the-box”-style compliance tools. Here’s some of what makes us different.


Additional Services

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  • Additional Frameworks or Regulations
    Additional Frameworks or Regulations
  • Additional Advisory Hours
    Additional Advisory Hours

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  • Additional Questionnaire Support
    Additional Questionnaire Support

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  • PIA and TRA
    PIA and TRA
  • One-off Workshop
    One-off Workshop
  • Penetration Tests
    Penetration Tests

    Identify vulnerabilities and remediate the gaps with our penetration testing service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Carbide do penetration or vulnerability testing?

Yes! Carbide’s additional services include vulnerability scanning and penetration testing for existing customers. We do not currently provide such services for non-customers.

How long does it take to implement Carbide?

Some companies have implemented their information security program in a week, some in a month, and some in six months. While the Carbide platform is quick to deploy, how long updating your information security program takes will depend on the frameworks you are trying to implement and your existing security controls. The length of time will ultimately depend on the size of your company, the nature of your business, available bandwidth, compliance requirements, and other variables.

Does Carbide ensure compliance with SOC 2, ISO, HIPPA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and other frameworks or regulations?

Our security controls map against standard frameworks and regulations, including SOC 2ISO 27001HIPAAPCI DSS, GDPR, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53, CCPA, PIPEDA, CMMC and CIS Controls to secure your business or prepare you for vendor questionnaires and compliance audits. Carbide helps companies implement and maintain an information security program that utilizes industry-leading best practices and frameworks. Only an official auditor can “certify” you are compliant, though our Reporting Center provides the tools for internal evaluation and monitoring. Our expert security advisors are also available for strategic guidance and in-depth compliance reviews.

What are the payment methods?

We accept payment by credit card online (Visa, Amex and MasterCard). We also offer invoicing options for our subscription plans. Please contact sales@carbidesecure.com for more info.

Does Carbide conduct compliance audits?

We provide the tools and resources to prepare your company for an audit successfully, but Carbide does not conduct certified compliance audits. When our clients are ready to engage an official auditor, like a CPA firm certified to conduct SOC 2 evaluations, we connect them with one of our independent partners for a seamless, efficient audit experience. We do, however offer a third-party attestation and security report that can be shared externally