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2020 in Review: Carbide Product Updates

2020 in Review: Carbide Product Updates

What a year.

Despite 2020 throwing us all some curveballs, our whole team at Carbide was working hard to save you time while boosting your company’s security posture. Prospects need assurance they can trust a new third-party vendor with their data. You need to demonstrate compliance to customers or auditors. You need to know your business has a cybersecurity strategy. And hackers don’t rest.

That’s why we’re right there beside you, trying to make sure you have the tools, advice, and services your business needs. We’ve made a number of big updates to the Carbide platform in the last year. (Plus the year is not quite over and we’re expecting to announce another big update in January!)

What’s New and Improved in 2020

  1. HIPAA Compliance Fast Track: We added new policy content, tasks, reporting features, and more to help tech vendors manage the ongoing compliance necessary to meet HIPAA compliance.
  2. SOC 2 Audit Readiness Solution: Preparing for your first, or even annual, SOC 2 audit is a huge undertaking. In the Carbide platform, you can quickly customize the policies and documentation you’ll need to show for an audit, our business continuity plan builder, awareness training, and more to reduce the work for you to get ready for your next SOC 2 audit.
  3. Business Continuity Plan Builder: Right when COVID-19 hit, this feature jumped to the top of our priority list. A quality security program requires plans for worst-case-scenarios and serious security incidents, to protect your data and operations. Unfortunately, 2020 was the year that many businesses needed to create, update, or activate a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.
  4. Project Management Tools for Information Security: For users who configure new policies, the Carbide platform will automatically generate the tasks required to meet the security frameworks you’ve selected. Under the Implementation Plan tab in the Carbide platform, you can assign the pre-populated tasks, create new ones, track progress, add attachments, and post comments.
  5. Pen Tests and Advisory Services in Marketplace: These are two of our most popular add-on services, which help you check for vulnerabilities, meeting your compliance obligations, and help you answer tough security questionnaires.
  6. Reporting Center Updates: Carbide’s Reporting Center keeps getting more and more updates. Exporting reports as pdfs. Toggling branding one or off on your reports. New framework filters that help you quickly check for security gaps.
  7. New Videos and Content in the Security Learning Center: We launched tons of content and a new video series to help you learn about how to set up your security program and make the best use of the Carbide platform. There’s everything you need to get started too, with tutorials demonstrating how to set up your account, create policies, implement security controls, and manage your team.
  8. Single Sign-On with SAML: Carbide now works with SAML for single-sign on, in addition to allowing users to login with a Google or Microsoft account. Admins are also able to require SSO for your entire organization through policies and in your Carbide, which can be a useful way to reduce the number of passwords your employees need to manage. And the number of credentials that could be stolen or leaked in a breach.
  9. Remind Users about Policy Assignments: It’s a big hassle if you need to track down your employees who didn’t sign off on mandatory security policies, so now with a click of a button, you can give them a nudge.
  10. Awareness Training Program: We launched a total of 14 security awareness training courses, with bite-sized videos and quizzes. You can assign these courses to your users, track completion, and use these to make sure that you’re providing basic awareness training to all your users. It’s the easiest way to get started educating your team on their responsibilities for keeping company and customer data secure.
  11. Simplified Policy Update Workflow: One thing we’ve always recommended and are on a mission to help you with – keeping your security program updated with current best practices. You’ll get notified now when there’s new content available, with a simpler-than-ever process to review and update your policies. If compliance requirements or frameworks change, you can be sure we’ll make sure you know.
  12. Global Search: We’ve added a search bar in your Carbide account to help you quickly look up the information you need – whether you just need to reference your company’s password policy or look up multiple answers for a security questionnaire.

Ready for 2021

Our team has a couple of exciting things to wrap up before the end of 2020 – we’ll have some new updates to share with you soon. We have big plans for the new year!

If you have an idea for a feature or enhancement you like to see in the Carbide platform? Just let us know. We’d love to hear how we can save you time and make it easier to build the security program you need.