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2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Be Cyber Smart this October and #SeeYourselfInCyber

2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Be Cyber Smart this October and #SeeYourselfInCyber

Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) is a global initiative developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance in 2004 to recognize the importance of digital security for individuals and organizations alike. The now internationally recognized campaign aims to spread awareness about the importance and urgency of cybersecurity. 

One of the most common security and privacy fallacies we hear is “threat actors won’t target me or my business, we’re small fish – they’ll want to go for a richer person or bigger organization!” But if we’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that cybercrime is no longer just a risk for large enterprise companies or a problem for IT teams to address. More and more, we’re seeing startups and high-growth small and medium businesses fall victim to the growing threat landscape. 

And while securing your company should certainly be top of mind – an often overlooked benefit of embedding security into the DNA of your startup is the competitive advantage it provides your business. It’s become clear that a comprehensive security and privacy program not only ensures you’re able to protect and prepare your company for cyber attacks, but also to meet the security requirements of your clients and investors. 

There’s never been a better or more urgent time to prioritize:

  • Embedding security and privacy in to the DNA of your business
  • Comprehensively training employees
  • Strong cyber hygiene
  • Raising community awareness
  • Understanding how you can leverage security and privacy as a business driver

Carbide is proud to be a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion!

We champion this global initiative by providing resources to educate businesses and individuals on best practices, industry trends, and expert insights. This year, we’ll focus on 4 themes to champion cybersecurity awareness with a week to focus on each one:

  • Week 1: Security and privacy for startups 
  • Week 2: #SeeYourselfInCyber – Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility
  • Week 3: How to leverage security to drive business
  • Week 4: How to Build a security-aware culture

We’ll release informative resources each week including reports, blogs, insights, and expert guidance. Follow Carbide on Twitter and LinkedIn for access to the latest materials. 

Demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity this month and every month after by downloading the Carbide 2022 CSAM Resource Kit and leveraging the included assets to spread the word amongst your community!