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A Sneak Peek into Some Big Changes

A Sneak Peek into Some Big Changes

We also announced our latest funding round today! Check out the news here.

Ever have that experience where you see an old picture of yourself or you look in the mirror and realize just how much you’ve changed? 

That’s the feeling we’re going through here at Securicy. Since we released the first version of our information security and data privacy platform in 2018, both the company and the platform — heck, even the world as a whole — have gone through a transformation. And that old name, while it’s served us well, no longer quite fits who we’ve become and our vision for the future.

In recognition of that, we’ll soon be retiring the Securicy name and embracing a new one. In late January, we’ll be changing our name to Carbide. 

We’re not quite ready to share all the details yet, but we promise our mission hasn’t suddenly changed. We’re still committed to helping you navigate the ever-changing information security landscape with a focus on making security and privacy simple, accessible, and sustainable – and to making it easier for you to turn your commitment to information security into a competitive advantage for your business.

So stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.