Cape Breton High-Tech Company Turns to Coal Mines for Rebranding Inspiration

Cape Breton High-Tech Company Turns to Coal Mines for Rebranding Inspiration

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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia tech company, Securicy, announced that they have changed their name to Carbide Secure.

Carbide (formerly, Securicy) was founded by Darren Gallop and Laird Wilton in 2016 and aims to help businesses of all sizes achieve and maintain security and privacy compliance and protect their data from cyber criminals. 

The company was created as a result of Darren and Laird’s first hand experience with the cybersecurity challenges startups regularly face. The co-founder’s first company, Marcato Digital Solutions, lost a six-figure deal after being unable to meet the rigorous expectations of a third-party cybersecurity risk audit. 

The name Carbide is inspired by Cape Breton, Nova Scotia’s historic role in the mining industry where carbide lamps were an essential tool to illuminate the path ahead – Carbide aims to do the same for high-growth SaaS companies as they navigate the ever-changing information security landscape.

Darren explains, “[Many businesses are] going into unknown, uncharted, ever-changing environments and in the darkness you need light. We like the analogy of creating that shining light on the unknown so it was really a big component of where we landed on Carbide.”

The rebrand was announced shortly after the startup was able to secure $5.2 million in its first round of seed funding. With the previous $1.2 million in financing from private equity firms and angel investors and $600,000 from federal and provincial sources such as the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Innovacorp, an early-stage venture capital firm in Nova Scotia.

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