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Carbide: A nod to the past, a path to the future

Carbide: A nod to the past, a path to the future

When Laird and I first conceptualized the company that until today was known as Securicy, we knew very clearly the problem we were hoping to solve. From our inception, our focus was on helping fast growing companies build strong security and privacy programs. It was even in our name – Securicy is the amalgamation of security and policy.

In the five years since then, the need for software companies to demonstrate robust security programs has grown at an even faster rate than we had anticipated. We’ve seen security frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and NIST explode in adoption, while regulatory bodies have repeatedly held enterprises accountable for the security and privacy mistakes of their vendors. Privacy has risen in prominence as well, with still too little attention from most companies on addressing their privacy posture.

Alongside these market conditions has been our own work with customers and our innovation as we execute against a vision to embed security and privacy into the DNA of every organization. And with all that, it has become increasingly clear over the past 18 months that while Securicy was a perfectly serviceable name, it no longer clearly represented the product we have built, nor the company we had become.

The evolution of a security and privacy management platform

When we first conceptualized our product, we thought mostly about the “building” part. We wanted to help organizations without security staff in house create a foundation for a strong security and privacy program. So we focused on building the right policies and creating clear implementation plans to follow. We have since continued to invest in those areas because they are the building blocks of any program. 

However, as such programs continue to mature, our customers and companies like them need a way to make strong security and privacy sustainable over time. They need to operationalize the program without creating undue burden on already overstretched teams. What we have built and continue to extend is a comprehensive platform designed to support the evolution of a security and privacy program:

  • Designing the program based on the unique profile of the company
  • Reviewing existing posture and identifying gaps
  • Implementing a clear plan to address those gaps
  • Validating the program – either against a specific framework or standard or individually with a specific customer
  • Evolving and operationalizing security over time

This DRIVE approach to security and privacy management has become the basis of our platform innovation as well as our service and support offerings. 

If you can’t see the obstacles, you can’t avoid them

So what does this all have to do with the new name? 

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, (where both I and Laird live), is home to a number of historical mines. Miners used to carry carbide lamps to illuminate a path through the darkness, helping them avoid missteps and hazards and make sense of their otherwise opaque surroundings.

When it comes to security and privacy, that’s the role we see ourselves playing. Through the platform, we’re guiding you around potential pitfalls, showing you the clearest path forward. And importantly, we’ll help you not just get into the mine, but get back out of it, and we’ll be there every time you need to go a little further or explore a different path. We’ve brought in experts with decades of information security and privacy experience who have been down these mines before – they’ll help us strengthen both our information security and privacy management platform and our Premium offerings with their expertise.

Carbide represents exactly what we want to be – your guiding light to help you find a safer path. 

I’m excited about how far we’ve come, and even more excited about the future ahead of us. I hope you’ll join us on our journey, and invite us to join you on yours.

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