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Carbide Launches Free Tools for Small Businesses

Carbide Launches Free Tools for Small Businesses

The Struggle of Information Security

Free tools can do a lot to improve things for small businesses.

Information security has been an expensive part of business for many years. Managers struggle to effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with user data and privacy. When these businesses are attacked, managers quickly call IT support teams to resolve the breach.

But not everyone has an on-hand tech support team.

The Costly Consultant vs Free Tools

To date, the popular solution for data breaches has been consultants. However, these consulting firms are carefully positioned. Consulting firms know they’re the emergency response team and that they can charge a lot of money for their services.

By the end of most consulting arrangements, businesses receive a document outlining recommendations, a program for staff to follow, and amendments to their existing policies. Business managers will feel more secure, but the ongoing practice of these policies is short-lived.

With new, free tools and security services, startups and small businesses can afford to protect their operations and keep their policies updated.

One Place to Manage Your Information Security Program

In the mix of calendar schedules, sales calls, and projects, reading policies often falls to the backburner. Sure, you could hire someone full-time to manage your policies and data security, but how cost-effective is that?

Our customer discovery research revealed many businesses don’t actually have an information security program, but that they were aware of the rising demand to implement one.

In an effort to provide true value to the market, we created the tools and processes to automatically generate company policies and to guide users, step-by-step, through implementation.

We set out to help business owners actively manage their information security programs. This meant allowing users to store their digital policies, have employees access and sign-off on them, and to automatically update policies based on the latest security compliance frameworks (ISO, GDPR, etc.).

To help businesses of all shapes and sizes, Carbide has launched free tools to allow businesses to generate their policies and implement a basic information security program.

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