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Carbide More than Triples Security Awareness Training Content Within Platform

Carbide More than Triples Security Awareness Training Content Within Platform

Carbide More than Triples Security Awareness Training Content Within Platform;
Introduces Specific Tracks for CCPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR 

Partnership with industry leader NINJIO ensures Carbide customers deliver a fresh, engaging cybersecurity training program year after year 

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada – May 4, 2022 Carbide, an information security and data privacy management platform, announces the availability of dozens of new security and privacy awareness training modules within its offering dedicated to empowering organizations and their employees to become defenders against cyberthreats. Through a strategic partnership with NINJIO, the premier “customer’s choice” cybersecurity awareness training company,  Carbide has enhanced and expanded its library of security and privacy training resources available directly in the platform. Carbide customers now have access to dozens of general, framework- and/or regulation-specific training units that outline practical, actionable steps and core principles critical to sustaining a strong security and privacy posture. To learn more about Carbide’s security awareness training, visit

Carbide is committed to helping fast-growing companies embed security and privacy into the DNA of their organizations. Regular security awareness training and testing is a critical requirement in nearly every security framework, privacy regulation, and industry best practice guideline. However, employees often don’t take security training seriously due to the prevalence of boring videos that restate the obvious. To support customers looking to do more than just “check the box” on security training, Carbide turned to NINJIO, widely recognized as an industry leader, to provide engaging, relevant content. NINJIO’s entertaining, animated content relies on emotional storytelling, real-life examples, and gamification to capture attention and communicate security and privacy best practices. 

The in-platform integration enables customers to easily launch a security awareness program, assign different courses to employees based on department or group, track progress and quiz results, identify employees in need of additional support, and introduce fresh content when needed. Updates to framework and/or regulation requirements are delivered automatically based on existing industry preferences to ensure customers are always up to date and can be confident in the state of their security training program at any time. 

This tight integration also eliminates the need for customers to invest in a separate training resource, saving already strapped SaaS organizations valuable time and money. Since the platform provides a single view of the program, customers can easily and consistently monitor employees’ progress over time. Like all partners in the Carbide ecosystem – offering vulnerability scans, penetration tests, audits and more – NINJIO is ideally suited to support the unique needs of fast-growing organizations in their quest for a strong security posture. 

“Security and privacy awareness training are integral to a sustainable program. No matter how well documented or correct your policies and procedures are, if you don’t also ensure that your team has internalized security best practices, you are putting your organization at risk,” said Darren Gallop, CEO, Carbide.  “NINJIO’s customers explicitly cite its effectiveness and relevance – that’s why we are thrilled to partner with such a recognized leader in the industry.” 

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About Carbide
Carbide, formerly known as Securicy, makes enterprise-class security and privacy accessible to fast-growing companies. Unlike “checkbox”-style compliance solutions, our information security and privacy management platform is based on universal best practices to enable customers to create, promote, and prove their commitment to security no matter which security framework or privacy regulation they wish to comply with. 

By making it easy to embed security and privacy into the DNA of your organization, Carbide can help sharpen your competitive edge and accelerate your company’s growth trajectory. To learn more about how we can help no matter where you are in your security journey, visit