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Carbide Advances Flagship Platform to Make Enterprise Class Security Accessible to High-Growth SaaS Companies

Carbide Advances Flagship Platform to Make Enterprise Class Security Accessible to High-Growth SaaS Companies

Major release introduces nine technical integrations, support for ISO 27001, PCI DSS and NIST, and extended library of security awareness training resources

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada – February 1, 2022 – Carbide, formerly known as Securicy, today announced a series of significant advancements to its information security and data privacy management platform that make it easier for high-growth SaaS companies to shift security from a liability to a competitive advantage. Carbide has made strategic investments in the platform including the introduction of technical integrations and added support for key industry frameworks and regulations to help customers build and sustain a robust information security program. The platform, designed to make enterprise-class security accessible to organizations of all sizes, makes it easy to Design, Review, Implement, Validate, and Evolve a sustainable security and privacy program without needing an in-house dedicated team of experts. Through its DRIVE Approach to security and privacy management, Carbide provides the tools, resources, and expertise needed at every stage of security maturity to sustain a compliant security posture. To learn more about Carbide and our company’s rebranding as announced today, visit

Nine Technical Integrations to Automate Evidence Collection

Through a technical partnership with Workato, a leader in enterprise automation, Carbide is releasing the first integrations in what will become a robust library of options. Today’s integrations relate to more than 30 requirements across six frameworks and regulations. This initial batch spans four key categories including Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & Heroku), Code Repositories (GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket), Ticketing (Jira), and Business Suite (Google Workspace).

Carbide will continue to add to this roster throughout the year, prioritizing from Workato’s library of more than 2000 integrations those applications that will help customers more effectively and efficiently collect the essential evidence needed to support compliance, prove security controls, and reflect completed tasks. By relying on Carbide to automate and simplify this process, customers eliminate arduous, time-consuming manual tasks, saving valuable time and resources.

Designed for Multi-Compliance: ISO 27001, PCI DSS and NIST Added to Roster of Supported Frameworks & Regulations

Unlike competitors that feature “checkbox compliance”, Carbide was purpose-built to help fast-growing organizations of all sizes achieve a robust security and privacy posture. That approach makes it easier for such organizations to achieve compliance with any framework or regulation. As a result, the platform innately supports multiple frameworks with unique built-in gap analysis to benchmark success. This past year, Carbide added explicit support for ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and NIST. These additions extend Carbide’s support of existing regulations which also include CCPA, CIS implementation group 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA. Carbide delivers custom-generated policies and an implementation plan based on selected frameworks, helping customers save countless hours, quickly identify and prioritize gaps, and accelerate the audit process to easily prove program compliance to key stakeholders.

Since the Carbide Platform is designed around security and privacy best practices instead of a single set of framework requirements, Carbide customers are better positioned to be compliant, regardless of which, or how many, frameworks they adopt. Relying on Carbide’s Security Dashboard, customers are in complete control of compliance success.

“Today’s fast-growing organizations face intense scrutiny over their information security and privacy posture. To successfully sell into the biggest brands in the world, these companies must deliver enterprise-class security whether or not they have a dedicated army of experts to support it,” said Darren Gallop, CEO, Carbide. “We have made it our mission to help high-growth companies build security and privacy into their company’s DNA more easily. Through thoughtful product innovation and strategic industry partnerships, we continue to expand our platform capabilities to best meet the needs of our customers and empower these organizations to effectively compete.”

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About Carbide

Carbide, formerly known as Securicy, makes enterprise-class security and privacy accessible to fast-growing companies. Unlike “checkbox”-style compliance solutions, our information security and privacy management platform is based on universal best practices to enable customers to create, promote, and prove their commitment to security no matter which security framework or privacy regulation they wish to comply with.

By making it easy to embed security and privacy into the DNA of your organization, Carbide can help sharpen your competitive edge and accelerate your company’s growth trajectory. To learn more about how we can help no matter where you are in your security journey, visit