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Carbide Q3 Product Enhancements Update

Carbide Q3 Product Enhancements Update

The Carbide Team has been hard at work innovating to fast track our customers’ compliance goals and improving our platform to help clients strengthen their privacy and security postures. Our quarterly product enhancements are a result of customer feedback and extensive research and development.

In the Q3 update you’ll find:

Carbide Organizational Controls and Domains

Carbide’s Domains and Organizational Controls were designed to help you easily organize and build security and privacy best practices into the DNA of your business, operationalizing them at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Carbide Domains and Organization Controls support you as you evolve your program and/or pursue compliance against multiple frameworks or regulations. 

What are Domains and Organizational Controls?

Our 12 Security and Data Protection Domains and 16 associated Organizational Controls were developed through an analysis of thousands of requirements embedded in regulations, dozens of industry-leading frameworks such as NIST and ISO 27001, common contractual obligations, and evolving industry best practices.

A single Organizational Control can address multiple security and data protection requirements across a variety of different regulatory mandates and frameworks. A Domain encompasses several related Organizational Controls.

Together, they consolidate thousands of customer and regulatory requirements against a universal blueprint that will simplify management and implementation, particularly as you seek compliance against multiple frameworks or regulations. 

This foundation makes it even simpler to understand how controls overlap across multiple regulations and frameworks and apply relevant tasks universally against the ones your company pursues. In addition, the Organizational Controls clarify ambiguous language regarding framework requirements, providing concrete guidance for the controls needed to achieve certain compliance including SOC 2.

What are the benefits of Domains and Organizational Controls?

The combination of our Domains and Organizational Controls will simplify the management and maintenance of your security and compliance programs as they increase in scale and complexity, enabling you to:

Quickly understand how frameworks / regulations relate 

Simpler mapping makes it easier to see which controls and tasks apply across frameworks and apply evidence and tasks universally

Organize compliance efforts by Domain 

Improved organizational transparency with clearly defined ownership for your tasks, policy sign-offs, and evidence. 

Collect evidence once to address requirements for multiple frameworks 

Fewer redundancies in an already tedious process to reach multi-compliance

Satisfy compliance requirements for currently unsupported frameworks

Be confident you are developing a resilient and sustainable privacy/security foundation as you your programs become more complicated

Access new frameworks more quickly 

This foundational change will enable the Carbide team to integrate new frameworks and regulations into the Platform more quickly. 


Carbide’s Domains and Organizational Controls

Carbide Platform users have the ability to manage Organizational Controls in the Organizational Controls Library, as well as filter, sort, and search using Organizational Controls in the Evidence Manager, Implementation Plan, Policy Manager and Reporting Center.

You can quickly understand how frameworks and regulations relate, organize compliance efforts by domain, collect evidence once to address requirements for multiple frameworks, satisfy compliance requirements for currently unsupported frameworks, and access new frameworks more quickly.

Together, our domains and organizational controls form a security and data protection foundation that underpins the Carbide Platform and makes it even easier for you to implement and extend your security and data protection program – all while staying compliant with the latest frameworks, regulations, and best practices.


Carbide Dashboards and Widgets

Our highly anticipated dashboard equips you with progress visualizations at your fingertips offering you better, more customized insights about your security and privacy program. 

Carbide Dashboards and Widgets

Tasks, policies, projects, training, and controls power your dashboard so you know exactly where you are in your security and privacy journey today.

Customize your dashboard with Carbide widgets – visual representation of your progress and assignments personalized based on your user role. These give you a high-level view of your own assignments and progress if you’re a Member and additional organization-wide views for Owners and Admins. Rearrange and hide the widgets for a dashboard view that works best for you!


Carbide Platform Vendor Integrations

We continue to add vendor integrations to simplify the process of collecting evidence and keeping track of your security and privacy programs. Our five most recently added vendors further automate evidence collection and demonstrate how your security controls are being implemented.

With our vendor integrations, you can connect Carbide directly with the platforms you already use for Cloud Services, Human Resources, and Password Identity Management.

Carbide Q3 Vendor Integrations

Automatically collect, document, and store user and access control lists, proof of multi-factor authentication (MFA), employee documentation and training status, and more as you pursue compliance and develop a robust security and privacy program.


Want to learn more about how the Carbide Team can support your journey to security and privacy compliance while also building a robust security program? Connect with us here.