Avoiding Sephora’s Fate: Demonstrating and Sustaining CCPA Compliance

Avoiding Sephora’s Fate: Demonstrating and Sustaining CCPA Compliance

Originally posted on Security Boulevard.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)’s first enforcement action is further proof that the need to prioritize security and privacy is critical – and becoming more so every day. When faced with business priorities like mounting compliance requirements, many companies are doing the bare minimum—relying on checkbox-style security and privacy, a wing, and a prayer.

This approach just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Some best practices that will help your company demonstrate and maintain CCPA compliance, protect you from lawsuits and data breaches, and strengthen your overall security posture include:

✅ Review Your Data Security Procedures and Practices
✅ Provide Staff Training for Handling Personal Information
✅ Assist Consumers with Exercising Their Rights Under the CCPA
✅ Implement a Process to Comply With the Look-Back Requirement
✅ Update Your Website

Our Founder and CEO, Darren Gallop discussed the recent CCPA developments and what your business can do to ensure you don’t face the same hefty fines for non-compliance in this article in Security Boulevard.