Four Tips to Ensure Organizational Data Privacy

Four Tips to Ensure Organizational Data Privacy

For any company, no matter your size, data is both an asset and a liability. It can be leveraged to create valuable tools and products but also presents as an opportunity for bad actors to exploit.

The average company has 534,465 files containing sensitive data. So how can security and privacy professionals ensure that their organization’s data stays safe?

Data privacy laws were created and continue to evolve in order to protect people’s personal information and also guide companies on the best practices for collecting, storing, transmitting, and processing data. The challenge for security professionals lies in how to help businesses chart a course to protect their data from bad actors and be compliant with security standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more.

In this article from Security Magazine, I outline four tips to set your organization on the path to data privacy success.