The Startup Security Playbook

The Startup Security Playbook

Don’t let a weak security posture get in the way of your startup’s success. Our founders, Darren and Laird, learned this lesson the hard way - now they want to save other startups from falling victim to security debt and lost opportunities.

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Discover why implementing security early sets your business up for long term success

A strong security program has become one of the most common requirements for finalizing deals with enterprise clients. But security continues to be low on the priority list for many startups – leading to a build up of security debt and a scramble to become compliant and secure when an opportunity is on the table. In this guide, we’ll break down everything startups need to know about information security, data privacy, and compliance, and building a security-driven foundation that enables efficient and secure growth including:

  • Key insights on building a robust security program from the perspectives of a startup CEO and COO
  • The most common questions and answers about when and how to invest in data security
  • Why implementing a strong security program early is crucial for any startup

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