Carbide Releases Latest Platform Iteration with All-New User Experience

Carbide Releases Latest Platform Iteration with All-New User Experience

Award-winning Carbide Platform Architected for Multi-Cloud Environments Helps High-Growth Organizations Address Security, Privacy, and Compliance Even More Quickly

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada – March 16, 2023 Carbide, an award-winning information security and data privacy management platform, today launched the newest iteration of its platform featuring an enhanced user experience and the addition of Google Cloud Platform to Carbide’s already robust Cloud Monitoring functionality. Driven by customer feedback, the new enhancements are uniquely designed to support a multi-cloud environment, typical of most high-growth companies, helping businesses more quickly manage security, privacy, and compliance, and keep pace as regulations and data security threats evolve. For more information, visit


New User Experience Speeds Compliance Process

The enhanced Carbide platform features a completely revamped look and feel, designed to be more intuitive, efficient, and responsive. Users can now track and manage progress more easily through a revamped dashboard that includes clear progress indicators, allowing for a more holistic view and status of compliance objectives. In addition, new filters allow for easy visibility into remaining tasks, policy sign-offs, and awareness training across all subsets of the organization from personal tasks to those at the organizational level.

With an overall emphasis on providing a more intuitive user experience, the revamped interface also improves the speed of access for users. The enhancements are designed to make it easy to flow between related actions, seamlessly linking policies, tasks, evidence, frameworks, controls, and other activities. This emphasis on speed has also been incorporated into the backend infrastructure which has been rearchitected to ensure faster load times across the platform. These improvements to the company’s award-winning platform will also enable Carbide to add more capabilities quickly, a key factor in helping organizations keep up with the latest regulations and requirements.


Strengthen Security Posture Across Cloud Environments with Google Cloud Platform 

Adding to Carbide’s already robust multi-cloud monitoring functionality, Google Cloud Platform is now available in the updated platform. Carbide Cloud Monitoring uniquely showcases a universal view into cloud security, enabling customers to understand their compliance progress across multiple accounts such as development, test, and production, and across multiple clouds, providing step-by-step recommendations for remediating any issues. This includes a cloud security gap analysis, a prioritized list of recommendations to address based on best practices for cloud security assessments, and pre-defined reports to measure compliance against CIS benchmark standards. Once addressed, users can continue to keep an eye on their cloud security posture via the dashboard and quickly identify when things are slipping to ensure they stay compliant without effort.

“We understand the pressure our customers are under to demonstrate security and compliance quickly. Our platform is designed to ease that burden and expedite the process wherever possible,” said Darren Gallop, CEO, Carbide. “As regulations evolve and data security and privacy threats continue unabated, our team is committed to not only providing the technology innovation needed, but working alongside our customers as their co-pilot, helping to navigate the ongoing effort for better security, privacy, and compliance best practices.”

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About Carbide

Carbide makes enterprise-class security and privacy accessible to fast-growing companies. Unlike “checkbox”-style compliance solutions, our information security and privacy management platform is based on universal best practices to enable customers to create, promote, and prove their commitment to security no matter which security framework or privacy regulation they wish to comply with.

By making it easy to embed security and privacy into the DNA of your organization, Carbide can help sharpen your competitive edge and accelerate your company’s growth trajectory. To learn more about how we can help no matter where you are in your security journey, visit

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