Innovative Telemedicine Video Conferencing Platform Relies on Carbide to Operationalize Security & Privacy and Achieve Validation from Ontario Health 

Innovative Telemedicine Video Conferencing Platform Relies on Carbide to Operationalize Security & Privacy and Achieve Validation from Ontario Health 

Fast growing healthcare company chooses enterprise-class security over “checkbox” compliance to support company growth goals and sustain robust security posture.

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada – June 28, 2023 Carbide, an information security and data privacy management platform, today announced that Banty Inc., providers of a leading medical video conferencing platform, turned to Carbide to operationalize a robust security and privacy program designed for multi-compliance and built to sustain a strong security posture throughout the growing company’s lifecycle. Within just weeks of working with Carbide, Banty also achieved Validated status within Ontario Health, a feat that was essential to extending the use of the innovative Banty platform within the Ontario healthcare system. Today, Banty is one of only ten Validated providers in Ontario. Learn more at or the Ontario Health website here.

Hear from Banty’s executive team on their experience with Carbide HERE.

Operationalizing Security & Privacy Program to Support Long Term Success

As an organization selling into the highly regulated health care industry, the team at Banty was acutely aware of the rigorous security and privacy policies and procedures needed to protect patient data. The dedicated internal team worked tirelessly to ensure sensitive information was secure to assuage patient concerns and prove itself as a trustworthy partner to physicians, hospitals, and medical professionals navigating a growing virtual healthcare system. 

While confident in their existing security program, the team at Banty lacked a formal structure to evolve the program and seamlessly demonstrate compliance to key stakeholders as the company grew. Carbide’s unique platform was purpose-built to help customers achieve a sustainable security and privacy posture that goes beyond checkbox compliance to avoid unnecessary security debt. Armed with a clear plan and the tools needed to meet their security and privacy goals, Carbide made it easy for Banty to track progress and meet target timelines.  With an extensive and growing list of supported security frameworks and industry regulations, and a team of dedicated in-house subject matter experts to provide hands-on support throughout the process, Carbide was the only choice for Banty. 

Marc Tytus, Security & Privacy Officer at Banty, notes, “As we continue to grow and evolve our platform to support even more physicians and patients across North America, Carbide gives us the confidence we need to demonstrate a robust security posture to customers and prospects alike and underscores our unwavering commitment to security and privacy.” 

Built for Multi-Compliance; Achieving Validated Status with Ontario Health, ISO 27001 

Soon after engaging with Carbide, Banty sought to become a Validated Virtual Visit Solution within Ontario Health.  Working against an ambitious timeline, the team relied on Carbide experts to navigate the nuances of the new certification and achieved Validated status within weeks. With automated policy updates, task requirements, and evidence collection, and a customized report builder, Carbide’s platform provided direction on best practices, specific requirements, and discrete controls needed to prove compliance.  

Through this process, the team also uncovered that much of the work they had already done applied to ISO 27001. Guided by support from Carbide experts and following the company’s unique Design, Review, Implement, Validate, and Evolve (DRIVE) approach, Banty also demonstrated compliance with this important industry framework.  With a formal program in place, Banty can now manage all the requirements for important frameworks and regulations in one place, identify and address gaps, manage evidence, and sustain the company’s security posture.  

“Carbide is truly our co-pilot when it comes to security and privacy and is essential to bolstering our security culture,” said Scott Wilson, President, Banty. “With Carbide as our platform of choice, we are poised for long term success in delivering a high quality, secure virtual healthcare experience.” 

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