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Carbide’s 2023 in Review: An Expanded Platform, 10 New Frameworks & More

Carbide’s 2023 in Review: An Expanded Platform, 10 New Frameworks & More

Hey everyone, welcome to our first year in review product session. We’re excited to share some of the highlights of 2023 and give you an exclusive sneak peek at our vision for 2024. But first, 2023 was a big year for us and our customers. And we’re not talking about the final season of Ted Lasso coming out. We’re talking about the brand-new UI, tools, and content we brought to our community this year.

UI Update and Backend Overhaul

We started the year off with an incredible UI update for the Carbide platform. This update not only brought a brand new, cleaner interface to the product so you can complete tasks quicker but also enabled us to overhaul our backend to build new features and content even faster.

New Tools and Features Cloud Monitoring Tool

We also know that a lot of our customers use cloud hosting services like AWS, so we launched a new Cloud monitoring tool to help you identify security threats based on your cloud architecture, guidance on how to remediate those issues and the code you need to actual fix the issue. With this tool we also brought the ability to scan your cloud architecture to find opportunities improve performance and costs through AWS Well-Architected recommendations. You can read more about what cloud monitoring is in our blog post.

cloud monitoring graphic AWS Azure asnd GCP

Expanded Frameworks

With the backend work we did, our team was able to bring many new requested frameworks and regulations to the Carbide platform. In fact, we brought over 10 new frameworks, including our very own Carbide Best Practices. This new framework provides security recommendations for any company, regardless of their chosen certifications. It also provides companies with actionable tasks to continue improving their security and privacy after achieving their first attestation. And as a way of supporting our customers on their security and privacy journeys, we’ve enabled Carbide Best Practices for every account at no additional cost.

Content Upgrade

This brings us to one of our biggest milestones of the year, Carbide 6.0 Content. To support many of these new solutions, we upgraded all of the content in Carbide, including policies, controls, tasks and more, to take into account new threats, best practices, and framework requirements. Our 6.0 Content was a massive project for our team and brought over 150 new controls to the platform to help you continuously improve your security and privacy programs. If you haven’t migrated to Content 6.0 yet, there hasn’t been a better time to upgrade your content, so be sure to connect with your CSM.

Compliance Monitoring

Another exciting solution we added to the Carbide platform this year was Compliance Monitoring. By using our compliance monitoring module, our customers gain deeper insight into their compliance status and can track improvements and address gaps quicker than ever before.

Managing Risk With Carbide

Our team also built many new capabilities into the platform to help our customers track and mitigate risks through a new Risk Assessment Assistant, Vendor and Assets registry, and Vendor Assessment module. These solutions have revolutionized the way our clients approach risk management within the Carbide platform. By guiding users through comprehensive risk assessments, providing tailored recommendations and insights, and enhancing risk and vendor visibility. These new tools work together to simplify the complex process of identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring that our clients can develop robust security strategies tailored to their specific needs.

What Our Customers Told Us in 2023

How Banty Achieved OTN and ISO 27001 with Carbide

Banty, a company providing medical and business video conferencing products, emphasizes ease of use, top-level online security, and productivity tools. Co-founders Dr. Richard Tytus and Scott Wilson recognized the shortcomings of existing virtual medicine and business conferencing platforms, leading to the creation of Banty. Security and privacy are paramount due to the sensitivity of healthcare information, and compliance with regulations is essential. Banty partnered with Carbide to achieve Ontario Health validation and ISO 27001 compliance. The collaborative effort with Carbide, described as a perfect synergy, allowed Banty to meet ambitious security goals, emphasizing the importance of a dedicated security and privacy partner in the process. Read more on Banty in our case study.

How ManagingLife Achieved SOC 2 with Carbide

ManagingLife, a Toronto-based digital health company, focuses on improving the lives of individuals with chronic pain through its digital pain management solution, Manage My Pain. Founder and CEO Tahir Janmohamed emphasizes the importance of security and privacy in handling sensitive healthcare data, crucial for the company’s mission and compliance with legal mandates. Choosing SOC 2 compliance was driven by the company’s commitment to security and privacy from the outset and its prevalence in North America, where most customers and partners are located. Tahir Janmohamed takes personal responsibility for security at ManagingLife, fostering a culture that prioritizes it throughout the organization. SOC 2 compliance positively impacts the sales cycle by reducing information security risks and facilitating responses to Vendor Security Questionnaires. The compliance process, aided by Carbide’s Platform and team, streamlined and accelerated ManagingLife’s efforts, addressing gaps and providing valuable support. The experience working with Carbide was characterized by strong support, a human touch, and access to experts, while the Platform’s ongoing evolution and improvement proved useful during audits. A real-world example illustrates how Carbide reduces ongoing effort by providing templates, structure, and expert guidance for various processes, from incident response exercises to security awareness training. Read more on ManagingLife in our case study.

Awards We Won in 2023

We earned 20 badges in multiple categories, including prestigious leader and high-performer badges in the G2 Fall 2023 reports. We’re particularly proud to have earned the Canada leader badge, being a small Canadian startup and all. In the 19th Annual 2023 Globee Cybersecurity Awards, Carbide was named the Best Cybersecurity Industry Solution – Enterprise (for less than 100 employees), showcasing its commitment to breaking down enterprise-class security and privacy requirements for companies of all sizes. Carbide’s focus on supporting startups and high-growth organizations is recognized, providing a programmatic security foundation that aligns with evolving best practices.

We’re also announcing a new customer referral program where you and your referred friends can benefit from exclusive discounts and promotions, so watch for additional details to appear in your inbox.

What’s Next for Carbide in 2024?

Stay tuned for Carbide’s upcoming initiatives in 2024, including…and the continuous commitment to putting security first. In conclusion, Carbide’s journey in 2023 has been marked by innovation, customer-focused enhancements, and industry recognition. As we step into 2024, the commitment to providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions remains unwavering. See you next year!