Carbide Continues its High Performance in G2’s Winter 2024 Reports

Carbide Continues its High Performance in G2’s Winter 2024 Reports

In the Winter 2024 report, Carbide secured High Performer and Leader badges across various categories:

  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Cloud Security

Serving and Securing SMBs

We are delighted to be recognized as a Leader for SMBs again. As a small team ourselves, we take pride in providing high-growth businesses with a solution that meets their current needs and scales with them as they grow.

Last year, we implemented significant upgrades to our platform, which continue to assist our customers in achieving their compliance goals through a security-first approach.

Our most impressive upgrade was the introduction of version 6.0 Content, a major project involving upgrading all content, such as policies, controls, and tasks, in the Carbide platform. This update addressed new threats, best practices, framework requirements, and brought 150+ new controls.

Continued Global Support

Carbide is here for teams around the world that require an automated solution and dedicated human support to meet their compliance goals with frameworks like SOC 2ISO 27001, or HIPAA. Our recognition as “Leader” and “High Performer” for SMBs in the Americas and Asia-Pacific is a testament to that.

We couldn’t have earned our “Easiest to do Business With” and “Highest User Adoption” awards for four consecutive quarters without our incredible customers. Thank you for the continued support as we strive to embed security best practices into organizations’ DNA by simplifying security into easy, manageable tasks.

Discover how Carbide’s latest feature, Trust Center, helps teams of all sizes establish and showcase enterprise-level security on a budget. Schedule a demo with us today and kickstart 2024 with a security-first mindset!